Sunday, November 1, 2009

Howdy Partner

Halloween 2009!!! Fun Fun Fun - talk about a haul of candy! Charlie's bag is filled to the top overflowing with tummy-ache producing goodies. In the grand tradition of me being "fun mom" on the night of Halloween, I let Charlie eat all he can handle, then he turns the rest into me for a prize....ala Toys R Us! I'll bring the rest of the candy to work to let my co-workers get tummy-aches instead...

Charlie was a very serious cowboy/sheriff. He had such a cute costume this year. He looked adorable, and it made me thankful that he's past the freaking out about dressing up stage.

I couldn't help but notice how many people in my neighborhood needed a refresher on Halloween Etiquette. So many people had their lights on, even the front door open and didn't answer the door?!? WTH? My favorite quote of the night when we came to one such house "well that Jack-O-Lantern didn't light itself, somebody must be home" LOL - true dat!


  1. Sarah you are funny. Great costume by the way. And we had the opposite problem. We ran out of stuff to hand out so we turned every single light off and closed all the blinds and shut the door and keeping still kept coming up and ringing the doorbell, so we finally posted a sign on the door that we ran out of candy. Maybe you could teach a Halloween etiquette class so we don't have these problems next year.

  2. ha! aparently an etiquette class is in order for both sides...I'm always open to teaching people the right way to do something!! haha