Thursday, October 29, 2009

Parent-Teacher Conference (1 down, many more to come)

Last night was my first Parent/Teacher Conference. All in all, a good experience. It's not surprising that Charlie is doing well on his "work". He understands numbers/letters/shapes/sorting, etc all the basics of Kindergarten. All areas (except cutting) are above level for the big K.

I'm a believer in school being as much about learning the basics of education as it is about learning to become social & how to act in a new environment. I admire my home-schooling mommy friends, it's a hard job, one that I'm not up for. But I think Charlie has as much to learn from the other kiddos as he does from the teacher. Like how to deal with a bully (by the way little Jazzmine has been leaving him alone), and how to make friends, and get along with those who aren't necessarily buddies. And how respond to time crunches and schedules and doing things you may not want to know, LIFE.

Total Shocker - prepare yourself - Charlie is a social animal. Not unlike his mother, he has some trouble staying "on-task". Well, as you can imagine sometimes things interupt those mundane tasks that are much more interesting... He also has trouble not talking...well...he's been talking non-stop since pretty much birth. But he is a leader... in fact, he tends lead other kids to getting into trouble by taking them with him as he goes "off-task" or as he roles around on the carpet or sits under his desk at circle time.

BUT he can also LEAD through active participation in group time, and story time, which he does even better now that he (and he alone) has an assigned spot next to the teacher at carpet time, and now that his seat is right in front of the teachers desk...

OK OK he's NOT perfect, but ultimately a pretty great kid. Albeit a bit talkative... Now if I can just encourage him to use his powers for good...

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