Friday, May 21, 2010

boys boys everywhere boys

I told you 2010 was going to be a great year!

I have been lucky enough to meet an amazing man this year, who just so happens to have 3 amazing little boys! Wow, what a change (mostly as far as noise level) for Charlie & I! We love having Jason, Cole, Elijah & Luke in our lives! Charlie is in hog heaven having buddies to play with, and I'm pretty happy myself! Adding 4 men to our lives (well 1 man and 3 men-to-be) is a pretty fun adventure. I've always been pretty girlie - but I have to admit boys are pretty darn fun - fishing, mud, dirt, sweat that turns dirt to mud, bike rides, sword fights, NOISE, constant action...never a dull moment!

Last night was no exception. We had "dinnerables" (like lunchables - meat, cheese, crackers -but at dinnertime), listen we aren't fancy, but it's a crowd pleaser... Anyway while Jason and I were preparing our gourmet dinner, Charlie and Luke were sword fighting...not with real swords... anyway Charlie got Luke - "right where it counts" ... conversation as follows:
Luke said "Charlie you got me in the nuts"
pause pause
Charlie "touche!"
funny kid... Loving life!