Sunday, October 4, 2009

love notes

Charlie is learning to write/spell/read, and his teacher encourages him to sound the words out, and write them how he thinks they sound. This is exciting for me because:

A) It's fun to see him learning. I love seeing how his brain comes up with ways to spell words, though looking over his schoolwork takes a little detective work these days -- for example, take the word "dog", he has a hard time distinguishing between the vowels, so when he spells "DOG" he writes it like "D-A-G" -- those A and O sounds are pretty similar, you have to admit... and

B) This means I get little notes. This morning I found a note stuck in my book (very clever place to hide it I think). It had a picture of a cake (ish) and the letters "M-A-M". I asked him about it, and he told me it was an invitation to his birthday party... well at least I made the cut, for the birthday party that will happen in 3 1/2 months...
The note made me grin. As he grows, I find myself thinking each time of his life is my favorite, being able to express himself in writing is a new and fun experience, I'm so looking forward to my first "I love you, Mam" note and my first "I'm sorry, Mam" note too...

Here's a pic of him from last night, he fell asleep watching T.V. (we had a fun filled day of long-long walks and playing, and he was worn out)

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