Thursday, August 12, 2010

Summertime?? What the heck happened to Summer??

This summer has flown by! What an eventful summer it has been though! The biggest news??? Our little family is growing by four! No, I am not going to be the quadro-mom; Jason asked me to marry him while we were on vacation in beautiful Colorado and of course I said yes!! So I am gaining a husband and 3 bonus kids, and Charlie's gaining a bonus dad & bonus brothers, we are so blessed! Sidenote: I like the word
'bonus' instead of 'step', it loses the whole "wicked stepmother" connotation - thanks Disney.

Charlie spent all of July hanging with his dad and all the Kofahl's in Albuquerque and even got to visit his aunt & uncle and fun cousins in Colorado for a few days! He had a great time with the Kofahl family. But I sure did miss the little fella!! I was so happy to see him when I walked off the plane in Albuquerque, what a sight for sore eyes he was. I have been reminded all summer of his new found independence. A month-long trip even last year would have been next to impossible, but this summer he handled it like a Champ! I'm so proud of my big boy, though I do wish I could shrink him down, at least for a little while so I could squeeze those awesome chubby thighs again. His thighs are distinctively thinner now.

A few Charlie-isms that I have neglected to post lately:

* discussing the accessory store called "Charming Charlies": I say Charlie did you know there is an accessory store in Lee's Summit called Charming Charlie's, isn't that cool??" Him "what's an accessory" Me "you know like jewelry and purses and stuff" Him "hmmm well I do like things named after me, but not girl stuff" ... I think we should be getting some sort of royalties from all things named after Charlie or something...

*discussing my recent speeding ticket and the fact that the HiPo was looking my info up in his in-car computer, he wonders why he has a computer and I tell him it's to look up my information, and info on the car, to make sure I don't have any outstanding tickets or warrants for my arrest. He says "that's crazy, you're a lady! ... Ladies aren't bad guys" then goes on and says "also married guys aren't bad guys either" ... look out single guys, we know you are bad...

*advice on our upcoming marriage "you need a van with a digital dvd system, and we all need to talk quietly and not yell" ...sound wisdom, at least the no yelling part ...

First grade starts next week. wow.

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