Sunday, February 28, 2010

toothless wonder!

Today is Sunday, 2/28/10, and Charlie is one tooth shy of a mouthful!
The loose tooth literally popped out in the bathtub, no pain, no blood, but A WHOLE LOTTA TEARS. Charlie has taken the loss very hard. I'm not sure why, but losing that first tooth is akin to losing something that he loves very much.
I'm hoping the next 19 losses are a bit easier on him.
We've been discussing the tooth fairy for a while now, we even saw the critically acclaimed movie "Tooth Fairy" starring the great thespian Duane "The Rock" Johnson. But it seems as though that didn't really do anything to appease the fear that some person/thing? is going to break into Charlie's room and take his tooth. I offered the option to just not put the tooth under his pillow and I could just pay him, but he didn't accept. I asked him what he thought that the tooth fairy would bring him for his very first lost tooth and he said in between sobs this morning "probably 5 dollars and 4 cents" ... typcial


  1. poor Charlie! I hope the excitement of the $5.04 in the morning replaces his grief. I was laughing out loud at your description of the movie and thespian starring in it haha!

  2. Isn't it amazing to hold that baby tooth? Each time my kids loose a tooth I always think if there were a pile of baby teeth, I could pick out the one that belonged to them. I mean, for goodness sake, we nursed that tooth into exsistance!
    We had a lot of fun at your pool. If we go again I'll give you a call!

  3. He told me this morning that he was not going to smile at all today, because he didn't want to show anyone his gap - drama king - I think it looks so cute, but I'm ready for him to get over it... and yes I did stare at his tooth and got slightly teary when I realized the first time I felt that tooth was when he bit down on me one evening when he was nursing!