Monday, November 23, 2009

a few funny things

I haven't blogged in a bit, so much going on. We are getting ready to hit the holiday season full-on this week. Charlie is out in Albuquerque visiting his dad and spending Thanksgiving with the Kofahl's. I've taken the opportunity to get Christmas shopping done, and get the house as clean as can be before the Griswold in me takes over and Christmas pukes all over my house!

This year for Christmas Charlie has asked Santa for "a treasure box, filled with chocolate covered cherries and five bucks". So looks like Sants has a fun one on his hands! Santa will probably throw in a special jingle bell & snowglobe (like he usually does) and maybe a tassle or two.

I also found out from my mom that I have an aspiring musician on my hands. I've always known Charlie loved & responded to music, and secretly hoped that I was raising the next virtuoso or American Idol. Last week, mom was taking Charlie to school and they were listening to the violin virtuoso, David Garrett's CD. My mom asked him if he liked that music, and Charlie said he LOVED it, mom then wanted to know if Charlie wanted to play an instrument and what would it be... Charlie replied "the triangle - because it has a beautiful sound" :) Love him so much... So looks like the keyboard my sister got for him will become an entire band with the addition of a triangle...


  1. If he's half as good at playing the triangle as he is at dancing, he'll be a virtuoso. What is a virtuoso?

  2. LOL - it's someone who posesses an extraordinary ability at singing or playing a musical instrument, like without being taught...