Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Be Careful What You Ask For!

I've had several people suggest that I create a book of Charlie-isms...this is for you, and since my memory isn't quite as good as it once was, it's for me too!

When I was pregnant, I prayed for a few things very specifically, one was a little boy with a big personality.... Thank God he answers prayers!

I'm lucky enough to have a little boy who is hysterical and is full of funny little quotes, quips and just all around charm! I probably should have started a journal or something long ago, since I'm quite sure Charlie entered the world talking...well it seems that way anyway...and I know I will not be able to recall all the good ones over the years.

Even before he had words, he had expressions and was so animated that it seemed we knew exactly what he was thinking. He started with the normal words: da-da, ma-ma, bye-bye, no, uh-oh, then it progressed.... when I'd leave him for the day he'd say "bye-bye mommy, have fun & be good" the first day he said that to me, I realized he was copying my daily phrase to him, he was probably around 15 months old then. Quickly after that my favorite ones that I can remember were:

**I can't like** "I can't like sauce mommy, you like sauce, I can't like it" this was his favorite phrase around 18 months - 2 years old, he couldn't like anything... "I can't like the old man, mommy" "I can't like chicky nuggies, mommy" "I can't like costumes, mommy" around that time, he also figured out he couldn't like "turning leff" on the way to our apartment in Germantown, MD, it was hard to get home somedays... you get the idea, it was a negative time in his life... "I can't like it" subsequently became the catch phrase for me and my buddies, you can use it if you like, it works in many situations...

**unnn nurtsy nurtsy**well he nursed for a long time... I don't know what to say, I guess it speaks for itself I suppose... and "unnnn" was short for "I want" "unnnn faaawatty" (that was his paci, don't know how paci became fawatty, but it did) "unnnn hold you" -- translation please hold me -- you get the idea...

Recent faves include: "Boys saw wood, Girls don't because it might go up their skirts" he's macho & funny.

OK my brain is racked... I'll post more later


  1. I love that your telling about his early years because I missed all those mommy stories from you. I can't wait to meet Charlie in person... crazy that we haven't seen each other yet! Love you tons!!


  2. I am definatly looking forward to following this blog - what a silly funny boy you have! Oh, I have to tell you real quick - at Blake's football game he missed a tackle in the end zone and the other guy made a touchdown. Will (our funny boy) stood up in the stands and yelled, "I demand a re-match!" Gotta love it!

  3. thanks girlies! Ang - I'm so looking forward to seeing miss Tess! Chris - we WILL see each other soon!!